Mino From WINNER Worried Fans With His Words on Instagram


Mino from WINNER left a cryptic message on his Instagram.

On January 19, Mino left a post on his Instagram, showing a handwritten page where a young man wrote his innermost thoughts.

“The older I get, the more experience I gain. The more failures I overcome, the more people around me get married, the more I start liking foods that I can’t eat. The more bored new meetings get and the more cozy the house becomes, but also the more secluded.

The more choices I have, sometimes it’s too much for me to cry like a little kid and give up. Even a few spoonfuls of soup saturate me, and parties that used to be so fun become tedious because there are too many awkward meetings.

I’m getting older, I have more wrinkles, I’m drawing and I’m more and more worried about what to draw. Is there really someone for me. Is there really someone who will hug me warmly, this lonely me, even when I get old.”

Fans and Internet users reacted violently to these words. In online communities, they wrote:

“He joins the army this year, and he turns 30. As a Korean who is over thirty, I understand how he feels.”
“A-a-a-a… Mino… he’s having a difficult transition period… He has just lost his father, he is soon over 30, and he will soon enlist in the military, he is worried about his future career, faces emotional and physical problems. There must be a thousand thoughts in his head. I hope that there is someone next to him who can tell him that everything will be fine every time he falls.
“I hug Mino tightly, the sun will rise soon. ”
“I understand what he means… I hope he’s okay.”
“I like that his sincere words evoke only positive emotions. No one blames him for his vulnerability. I hope that he will be able to restore his mood and find someone who will be next to him. »

We also hope that he will recover…


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