Ministry of Justice will force operators to explain leak


The Ministry of Justice and Public Security, through the Department of Consumer Protection and Defense, on Monday (15) notified operators Claro, Oi, TIM and Vivo to provide information about the data leakage of 103 million cell phones detected on the last day 10. The deadline for response is 15 days.

The activation of the operators aims to identify who had data leaks this month, what information was transmitted and under what circumstances the leak occurred. Sought by TV Globo, the operators affirmed to adopt strict controls on access to customer information; denied any kind of data leakage and said they were collaborating with the authorities.

Also on Monday, the National Consumer Secretariat, also linked to the Ministry of Justice, informed that it is concluding an agreement with the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD), the body responsible for supervising and editing rules under the General Law on Data Protection (LGPD), which started investigating this huge leak last week.

The ANPD currently handles dozens of cases involving leaks or illegal sharing of data from Brazilian consumers. In January, another data leak on the internet put data on 223 million Brazilians for sale in the so-called “deepweb”, a figure higher than the current population of the country, as it includes data on deceased people.


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