Ministry of Justice lets World of Warcraft slip into Xbox


The Ministry of Justice was the latest way for plans involving Blizzard, Microsoft and the Xbox division to be revealed.

As the Transparency Law stipulates, a variety of information must be made public and accessible, and this includes indicative classification data for the country. Thanks to that, it was even reported that World of Warcraft will be released for Xbox Series X.

The (paid) Shadowlands expansion gained country rating today (27), interestingly for both computers and the future Microsoft console. The information was first revealed on the international market, by Gematsu, who was attentive to the recent releases from the Ministry of Justice.

With a single act of destruction, Sylvana Correventos opened the gates that lead to the afterlife. Azeroth’s defenders were overwhelmed with overwhelming darkness, and a nefarious force threatens to break the bonds and end reality. Hidden kingdoms of wonders and horrors await those who reach the other side. The Dark Lands are home to all who are gone, a kingdom between worlds whose tenuous balance preserves life and death. As one of Azeroth’s greatest champions, you have been given the power to cross body and soul. Now, you will have to investigate a conspiracy that aims to end the cosmos, in addition to helping the Warcraft legends return … or move on.
Therefore, Blizzard lets the news slip away ahead of time, with this big surprise that would be the launch of the MMORPG for a console for the first time in history.

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At least for PCs, the Shadowlands expansion will cost R $ 120 (Base), R $ 180 (Heroic Edition) and R $ 270 (Epic Edition). The launch for Windows happens, according to the expansion’s official website, until December 31 of this year.


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