Ministry of Health recommends postponing pregnancy during pandemic


Ministry of Health recommended, on Friday (16), that women postpone pregnancy during this critical period of the new coronavirus pandemic, if possible, in view of the risks caused by the Sars-CoV-2 variants in relation to pregnant women.

According to the secretary of Primary Health Care of the Ministry Raphael Parente, the suggestion to postpone pregnancy was based on the clinical view of specialists, who point to a more aggressive action of coronavirus mutations in pregnant women, with the possibility of more serious cases since the first trimester – before, the greatest risks were linked to the final period of pregnancy.

Still according to Parente, pregnancy is a condition that favors the formation of blood clots. And as covid-19 has also been linked to the occurrence of thrombosis (a disease that arises with the appearance of these clots), it becomes even more dangerous for pregnant women.

He also compared the current situation with the time when there were a large number of cases caused by the Zika virus, when there was a reduction in the number of pregnancies in the country, and said that the recommendation is aimed mainly at younger women, with greater possibility of “choosing your moment to get pregnant”.

Vaccination for pregnant women

Ministry of Health ordinance published in March brought some changes to the rules for vaccination of pregnant women against covid-19 previously defined. With the changes, pregnant women who have a previous disease can now receive immunization, without having to wait for the calendar of the National Immunization Plan.

According to the new guidelines, pregnant women who present any of the preconditions below are able to receive the vaccine:


Obesity – the body mass index (BMI) must be equal to or greater than 30
Autoimmune diseases
Cardiovascular disease
Chronic kidney disease
Chronic arterial hypertension
Bronchial asthma
In the case of pregnant women without previous diseases, vaccination can also be carried out, but first they need to undergo a risk and benefit assessment. In relation to lactating women and women in the postpartum (puerperium) phase, the vaccine is only applied at the moment if they are in the priority groups.


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