Ministry of Health Shared Images of Corona Virus Domestic Diagnosis Kit


The Ministry of Health shared laboratory images of the local diagnostic kit developed for the new type of corona virus, COVID-19. National Virology Laboratory Responsible Assoc. Dr. Gülay Korukoğlu explained that the corona virus can be detected in 90 minutes with the kit.

The Ministry of Health has been working on a kit to detect the corona virus, which has affected China and the rest of the world for some time. The Ministry shared the laboratory images of the kit, whose work was successful.

The responsible person of the National Virology Laboratory of the Ministry of Health, Assoc. Dr. Gülay Korukoğlu made a statement. Assoc. Dr. Korukoğlu explained that the World Health Organization has been carrying out specific tests for the corona virus for a while, and that they have developed the local kit based on these tests.

Assoc. Dr. Korukoğlu said that they developed the system called Pan corona virus PCR, which is already present in the National Virology Laboratory, to be used to detect the new type of corona virus, COVID-19. Explaining that they developed the kit with the new primary probes added to the PCR tests and the enzymes produced in the laboratory, Assoc. Dr. Korukoğlu said that the kit was tested with positive virus samples from international centers.

In tests performed with positive virus samples obtained from international centers, the first results of the kit were positive. With the successful tests performed, the kit was started to be used routinely in the National Virology Laboratory. Samples with suspected corona virus are currently being tested with this kit.

Stating that the kit developed for the detection of the new type of corona virus, it is a great advantage that it is produced entirely from domestic sources. Dr. Gülay Korukoğlu said that the kit can be produced quickly in Istanbul and its cost is very low.

Assoc. Dr. Gülay Korukoğlu, in the first studies conducted, announced that the kit gave results in 90 minutes. Korukoğlu added that they are working for the kit to give results in a shorter time and even started the tests.


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