Minister Ricardo Salles banned from Twitter after crime


On Thursday (29), Environment Minister Ricardo Salles had his account banned on Twitter. In an exchange of provocations with the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia, the minister called him “Nhonho”, a mean nickname, making reference between the appearance of the congressman and the character of the series Chaves.

Around 10 pm last Wednesday (28th), Ricardo Salles commented in a tweet made by Rodrigo Maia (@RodrigoMaia), where he criticized the actions taken by the Minister of the Environment, simply calling him “Nhonho”, the in order to insult the mayor.

Hours later, Salles returned to Twitter to clarify that the publication that offended the congressman was not made by him, but by some malicious person who improperly guaranteed access to his account.

“I was warned a while ago that someone misused my Twitter account to post a comment on the Pres account. of the Chamber of Deputies, with whom, despite differences of opinion, I have always maintained a cordial relationship, ”said the minister in a tweet published early this Thursday morning.

It didn’t take long for his account to have been deleted by the minister himself. Soon after, the Ministry of the Environment stated that Salles contacted Maia directly to clarify the situation and informed that he will investigate the undue activity in his profile.

Recurring insults

It is not the first time that Minister Ricardo Salles exchanges free insults with other members of the government. On Thursday of last week, October 22, the Minister of the Environment insulted the Minister of the Government Secretariat, General Luiz Eduardo Ramos, of “Maria Fofoca”. The occasion occurred in the wake of a note published by the newspaper O Globo, stating that Salles was “stretching the rope” with the government military.

Since then, Salles has come under harsh criticism from other government officials, including negative comments from Rodrigo Maia.

The Ministry of the Environment has not yet commented on the exclusion and banning of the minister’s Twitter account.


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