Mini Refrigerator Inspired by Volkswagen’s Nostalgic Caravan T1: VW Cool Box


Volkswagen’s nostalgic caravan T1 continues to be used in different designs. This time, the portable iconic vehicle that meets us in the form of a refrigerator has a handle on the side and a sunroof for easy dragging.

The iconic caravan Volkswagen T1 seems to have inspired a portable refrigerator. It was not only inspired by the refrigerator; the cabinet has been transformed into a small miniature to keep stuff cool.

Clean and functioning of this caravan-style vehicle, which is not available in many numbers, also kills at prices. Volkswagen has so far tried to not forget the iconic caravan by launching the toy versions of the vehicle. The manufacturer, Board Masters, continues to scrape the caravan into our minds with its mini fridge designed and offered for sale.

This mini fridge called ‘VW Cool Box’ is designed to keep your drinks cool:

VW Cool Box has increased its portability with its collapsible arms that allow you to drag like plastic tires and suitcases. Portable mini refrigerator, a licensed product from Volkswagen brand, has a capacity of 26 liters. The collapsible roof with a locking mechanism allows you to easily remove your drinks.

The handle on the front of the miniature vehicle can be opened and closed, and can even be stored in its slot under the mini fridge if you wish. Plastic wheels, which allow easy movement on surfaces such as sand, grass, can turn in the position they are and offer you ease of transportation.

We can say that the mini refrigerator inspired by the original T1 is also very durable in terms of material. The refrigerator shows us that it is very resistant to any impact with its steel structure.

Thanks to the lid located under the mini fridge, you can fill it with ice and keep your drinks cool. When you are done, you can easily unload the refrigerator by removing the cover and wash it whenever you want.

This refrigerator, which looks quite stylish, currently has a price tag of 399 euros on Amazon.


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