Mini-Me: Jörn Schlönvoigt brings his daughter to the set of GZSZ!


Jorn Schlenvoit (36) and his daughter Delia (4) are inseparable! The proud dad regularly posts photos of himself and his cute offspring on Instagram and talks about his family life. For the sake of his family, the actor recently took a break for five and a half months in the popular evening series GZSZ, for which he has been in front of the camera since 2004. He has been back on set since the beginning of the year. And Jorn’s daughter couldn’t have disappeared either!

In his Instagram story, the fan favorite shared cute pictures of four-year-old Delia at his workplace. In one of the photos, the baby is sitting on a bench at a table, behind her on the wall there is a sign with the inscription “Good times, bad times”. “Mini-Me at GZSZ — preparations are underway for the transfer of the contract,” Jorn jokingly wrote.

In the second picture, Delia is sitting on a stool with her back to the camera. Her two cute pigtails are clearly visible. The black-and-white picture shows a girl watching the work of the film crew. “The best way to start,” Jorn commented on the photo.


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