Minho reveals secrets about Stray Kids music videos


Stray Kids’ Minho reveals secrets from his groupmates during their MV recordings. The promotions for “GO” have already ended, but the boys continue to share news with their fans through social networks, Minho, who was determined to break a new record of live broadcasts, decided to share some curiosities of the group.

Through the VLive platform, Minho decided to tell a few things about Stray Kids, the idol did not have much time, because he wanted to break his own record of time in making a transmission, so he shared his most recent memories with his peers.

The first one he shared was about the video for “On Track”, an MV where a love story unfolds that unleashed Stay’s theories. In one of the scenes, Minho is seen walking alongside Hyunjin chatting while filming.

The secret of that conversation? His partner is a big fan of Kimchi in the morning and of the stew. They both had to look casual, walking like two normal students. LOL But that was not all, the idol continued with the anecdotes.

During the recording of “Airplane”, Seungmin was in charge of editing the video, but in one of the scenes he decided to shake it, he gave his consent to do so. Que???

Stray Kids is a youth group that finds a way to have fun while working, creating anecdotes among themselves that they can share with their fans. Finally, after Minho’s revelations, the idol ended his exact 3-minute live, a new record for him by having the shortest broadcast he has ever done.


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