Mingyu Reveals Why He Couldn’t Live Without SEVENTEEN’s Guys


SEVENTEEN is a group that has 13 idols, all of them are equally talented and charismatic on stage, as well as off stage; all of them are important to Mingyu and he couldn’t live without any of them.

K-Pop bands end up forming great families and it is that after sharing so much time from trainees to debuting and having a whole career, it is difficult not to generate close ties between idols; It can be difficult to combine so many personalities, but in the end, there is always a lot of love involved.

SEVENTEEN has 13 members and although it seems to be a very large number, the truth is that the idols have been able to organize themselves very well, work as a team and present majestic performances that leave the world shocked; In addition, they all have beautiful personalities and charismas that have completely captivated CARAT.

And between the members of SVT have an excellent relationship, Mingyu tells us more about it and how today he could not be without any of his bandmates.


In an interview for 1st Look magazine, Mingyu talked about his relationship with the other members of SEVENTEEN, the idol can no longer be without one of his teammates, because he can literally feel a void; the affection between the 13 idols and even the staff is very great and they can no longer be without any of them.

“I used to think that 13 people was a lot, but now I feel empty if one of them is not there. Even when we are eating, it is obvious that someone is missing. This is a joke among our agency staff members: If you feel empty when one of the SEVENTEEN members isn’t around, you’ve adjusted to SEVENTEEN. “


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 This is how the coexistence between the members of SEVENTEEN has become, they can no longer separate or they will feel that they are not complete, the affection they have is great, we cannot with so much tenderness. There is no doubt that everyone must love each other very much.


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