Miners will be able to access solar energy


New electricity suppliers are already available to residential consumers in Minas Gerais. After years of dominance by the state concessionaire, companies are investing in solar energy farms to meet public demand and not just from industries and large customers.

The promise of new companies in the photovoltaic sector is for an electricity bill on average 15% lower, without the need for investment. Names like Órigo, Solatio Energia Livre and Cemig Sim (arm of the state company for alternative energy) are investing in the residential market to bring solar energy to around seven million units in Minas Gerais.

How it works

The customer can adhere to solar energy through a subscription plan, directly on the companies’ websites, as well as an internet plan. The amounts promise to be about 15% lower than the amount charged by the distributor Cemig.

In addition to generating savings, the sector foresees the creation of 120 thousand jobs still in 2020, according to information from the Brazilian Photovoltaic Energy Association. The first semester of this year showed an increase of 77% in relation to the same period of the previous year, which reinforces the optimism of the segment.

Energy capacity

Altogether, energy companies can reach an installed capacity of more than 400 megawatts (MW). Each 5MW plant can serve around 1,000 residential units, according to the Director of Business Development Yes, João Paulo Campos, in an interview with the State of Minas.

Cemig Sim, in partnership with GD Solar, invested R $ 100 million to reach 52 MW of capacity and begins to serve residential customers in November. The company already serves about two thousand commercial customers and expects to reach at least one thousand contracts by the end of 2020.

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Solatio, responsible for the largest solar plant in Latin America, installed in Pirapora (MG), invested R $ 1 billion in partnership with CMU Energia, a Minas Gerais energy trading company, to increase its generation capacity to 200 MW in 2020.

According to the CEO of Solatio Energia Livre, Walter Fróes, in an interview with the State of Minas, the company already has 7 thousand customers, of which 1200 are individuals. Fróes’ goal is to install 15 plants in the state by 2023.

Órigo has already invested R $ 400 million in the installation of solar farms and has around 5,000 clients in its portfolio, including 1,900 residential ones. The company has 10 farms with the capacity to generate 40 MW of solar energy.


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