Minecraft Will Be Integrated With Microsoft Teams in Educational Action


Minecraft: Microsoft announced on Tuesday (4) that Minecraft will gain a version integrated with the Microsoft Teams platform, as an unprecedented collaboration action to bring the universe of cubic blocks to the educational environment.

In the latest confirmed update for Microsoft Teams, it was revealed that an expansion of Minecraft: Education Edition “will integrate seamlessly” with the company’s platform, allowing teachers and monitors to use the game’s resources to teach, communicate and improve their learning experiences. online teaching. In this way, it will be possible to carry out tests and tests, assign tasks, distance consultations and consult support materials via Flipgrip, promoting full collaboration between agents.

“In the past year, teachers have been leveraging technology in an innovative way to keep students engaged. The technology has moved from a temporary lifeline that facilitates connection in remote and hybrid learning to a fully integrated part of many virtual classrooms and face-to-face, “wrote Barbara Holzapfel, VP of Microsoft Education.

It has also been confirmed that the Education Edition will have a paid version entitled Minecraft for Camps and Clubs, which includes new tools to support the areas of “student centrality, focus on skills, social learning, security and scalability.”

“Starting this summer, camps, clubs, home education organizations and other nonprofits will be able to purchase Minecraft: Education Edition licenses to support critical thinking, collaboration and game-based learning for all ages,” commented Holzapfel.

Currently, the product is available for sale in 11 languages ​​and 50 countries, and, in addition to all the features mentioned, it includes the classroom mode application, which allows educators to manage worldwide configurations, communicate with students, give items and teleport students to the Minecraft world.


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