Minecraft Themed Action RPG Game Released for Minecraft Dungeons, PCs and Consoles


Mojang’s new game Minecraft Dungeons is finally released for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Minecraft Dungeons have a different style and mechanics than the traditional Minecraft experience.

Minecraft Dungeons, the new action RPG game developed by Mojang owned by Microsoft, has been released as of today. In addition, the launch trailer, which reveals the game’s isometric structure and gameplay mechanics, with cinematic scenes, was released, which we will look at in the Minecraft world with a 3rd-party perspective camera angle.

The new Minecraft game comes in a very different style than the classic game we built a world of pixels. Although Minecraft Dungeons, which comes as a standalone game, has similar character models as the original game, there are no mechanics like crafting, resource gathering and building.

Minecraft Dungeons is a game independent of the classic Minecraft experience
In Minecraft Dungeons, you fight with an isometric perspective against enemies they know closely, like skeletons and Creepers, in randomly generated dungeons. You also have to fight puzzles and traps alongside enemies. What sets Minecraft Dungeons apart from most action RPG games; that players can use a large number of weapons and armor.

In dungeons, you can fight alone or with up to four players online. You can use melee weapons against monsters, carry out ranged attacks or take on the role of a tank with heavy armor. You can customize your character and unlock special items, weapons and spells for devastating special attacks. You also discover levels full of treasures to save the villagers from the evil Arch-Illager.

Minecraft Dungeons has been released on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch, as well as on Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC. You can find details about the DLCs of the game that have not been announced yet. Microsoft has also confirmed that there will be cross-platform support for Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons trailer:


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