Minecraft: Shows 2,000-day journey in Challenging mode


Anyone who has played Minecraft in survival mode knows that there are many dangers waiting for you while you try to build a shelter or explore caves in search of diamonds. But dying in this mode is not a big problem, since you are only born again in a matter of seconds. Of course, this is not the case for those who play in Hardcore mode.

In this difficulty, if you die, you cannot go back and lose everything you have achieved so far. Therefore, it is common to see fans of the game trying to do special challenges in this mode, either to achieve a specific goal or to see how long you can play without letting your character die. This last example is exactly the case with YouTuber Luke TheNotable.

The boy had already made videos about his achievement to survive a hundred and then a thousand days in a row playing in Hardcore, but his newest achievement is much more impressive. In the video released this week on YouTube, Luke shows his journey of 2,000 days in the most extreme difficulty of Minecraft.


And look, he didn’t save time to show everything that happened since his last video, since he shows day by day for two hours non-stop. Even though it was such a long journey, it didn’t discourage the game’s fans, who gave the video over 9 million views in just three days.

It is almost impossible to summarize everything that happens, but we guarantee that Luke had many adventures and very dangerous moments during that period. The cool thing is that he also tells how he managed to survive so long and gives tips to other players who like Hardcore mode.

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The cool thing is that as he survived at the end of those 2 thousand days, there is the possibility of continuing the series until other absurd numbers or until he succeeds without letting the character die, of course.

Tell us in the comments if you have also tried this mode in Minecraft and how long you managed to survive!


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