Minecraft players tell which features they want to remove from the game


Minecraft is an incredibly popular game with an active fan base. The game was released more than ten years ago, but it is still supported and played. Minecraft has maintained its popularity, and it doesn’t look like it will slow down any time soon, especially since new content continues to appear in the game, such as the Minecraft Minions DLC.

Despite the fact that Minecraft is so loved, there are aspects that some players would like to get rid of. There are things in the game that upset fans and cause them serious inconvenience. Minecraft may have a lot of features that those who play it like, but there are still things that can be customized.

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On Reddit, a user known as Penenchatwastaken asked a question about what gamers would like to remove from Minecraft. One of the main things that fans would like to change is the reporting system in Minecraft, because of which Mojang received a negative reaction. Many players do not like the fact that they can be banned for using words that are considered inappropriate on private servers, as well as in paid worlds. Another feature that fans want to change is the maximum anvil level, which prevents players from permanently storing an item as they can no longer repair it when the cost becomes too high. The third important aspect that gamers want to change or remove is the Phantoms. Many people think that mob is very annoying, and this is one of the main components of the game that players want to disappear.

If you could remove anything from Minecraft, what would it be? from minecraft

There were also a few minor complaints made by Redditors. This included the poison potato and the game’s trading floor. One user mentioned bat mobs as they believe they are only good for launching screamers. Another said silver fish, which was again due to the annoying crowd. The post revealed that there are a number of serious issues with aspects of Minecraft that many would like to change to improve their experience.

Despite the fact that many players would like to change in Minecraft, there are some who are engaged in amazing ongoing projects. The YouTuber, known as Minthical, recently broadcast themselves playing the game, demonstrating the progress they have made in trying to fully mine the Minecraft map and disassemble it to the bedrock level. The player has been doing this for five years and hopes to complete his task by September. It is estimated that 47 million blocks need to be mined to completely clear the map, and in December last year, the YouTuber extracted about 38 million blocks. It’s a monumental task, and it’s very impressive that Minthical has already come this far.

Minecraft is already available for mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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