Minecraft Player Uses Redstone to Create an Incredible Unfolding House


Minecraft provides players with a variety of materials and elements that can be used to create objects, including items such as wood, bamboo and glass. Minecraft allows gamers to create a wide range of creations thanks to the number of building blocks available for use.

One of the most advanced elements that players can use in Minecraft is the red stone, which allows players to create mechanical objects and is used to control machines. Players have created incredible objects with this element, including one gamer was able to create a folding house that allows you to easily store a large number of items in a small space.

A Reddit user under the nickname WozziQ posted a video of the house they built in Minecraft. The clip begins with the player entering a small empty room with nothing in it but a switch. WozziQ approaches the lever and activates it, causing the walls, floor and ceiling to unfold, revealing all their objects. Then they push the switch again, as a result of which everything adds up nicely and the space returns to the tiny room. The video shows the ingenuity of some players when they create non-standard creative objects.

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WozziQ’s folding house has gained a lot of fans, and their post has now gained more than 6,000 votes. One commenter stated that they usually roll their eyes when they see Redstone houses in Minecraft, but they think the one WozziQ built was cool, comparing it to a Transformer. Several users have requested drawings and tutorials that would allow them to create their own folding house. One fan said he would like to look behind the scenes of the house to see how it all works, while others asked to go outside the house to see how the whole Redstone works.

WozziQ is just one of the few companies that build amazing facilities using Redstone. Reddit user mattbatwings2 has created a machine that allows you to transfer images from one place to another in Minecraft. In the clip they uploaded, mattbatwings2 switches several switches on the panel, creating a “drawing” of the Creeper’s face. Then they turn on a lever that causes the blocks to light up on the second panel to the left of the original, while the light simulates the image and also displays the face of the Creeper. This machine is an incredible piece of engineering and shows how much is possible in Minecraft.

Minecraft is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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