A Minecraft Player Builds Chernobyl in 2 Years


Minecraft, which is one of the most played and liked games in the world, has been the subject of the news this time thanks to a player. It turned out that a Minecraft enthusiast spent 2 or two years to rebuild Chernobyl in the game.

Among the best games of the past 10 years, there is always a game that has put its name on the top: Minecraft. The game, which has become a legend, now occupies a large place in the memory of every game lover without saying young and old and can never be given up. Now he managed to talk about the name Minecraft again, but this time his player has a share in it. The fact that the game lovers who used the name Janisko spent the last two years of building Chernobyl in Minecraft attracted a lot of attention and news.

According to the information announced by the player, the study, which was created by imitating the real Chernobyl region, is designed to play in survival mode. The actor named Janisko says that besides, she has made use of many other useful resources she has accessed over the internet, especially Google maps, to create the mentioned map. Stating that there is no other way to collect data from his own limited research and internet, the game lover also wants his followers to give feedback when they see any deficiency.

The built area will expand further:

The actor adds that the region he is currently forming will spread over a larger area. Janisko, who plans to build places like the Belarus region and the city of Poliske, other regions than Chernobyl, has also said that he needs some time to do so. Emphasizing that doing what he talks about working alone can span as long as the construction of Chernobyl, the player conveys that he is waiting for the support of other Minecraft players.

The reason why the player started to build a Chernobyl zone in the game by taking such a lot of time was of course wondered by many, and Janisko responded to these questions that his interest in real Chernobyl led to this kind of work. The game’s enthusiasts are carefully followed by the enthusiasts of the game as the construction of the player continues.


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