Minecraft Managed To Add 1 TRILLION Views On YouTube


Minecraft: Most people are well aware of the phenomenon that Minecraft has become over the years, not just in the number of players, but in the number of viewers who enjoy watching their favorite YouTubers and other content creators do things in the game. This popularity is such that the game reached an incredible milestone on YouTube: 1 TRILLION views.

The record was released through a new “good vibes” video that you can check above. Views represent the sum of views in each video about Minecraft on the Google content platform.

To get a sense of the immensity of this number, YouTube itself makes an interesting estimate: if each view were of just one second – and we know that it is much longer – the sum would represent 30,000 years of watching Minecraft.

This is the result of the 12-year history of the game, which had its origins in humble Mojang and is now one of the main income-generating cars for Microsoft.

The celebration of 1 trillion views is accompanied not only by the video, but also by a special page bringing more information about the type of content that has been created about the game. You can see what types of videos are most successful in the world and by region – in Brazil, for example, Minecraft animations are an overwhelming success.

You can also use the site to check your personal contribution to this astronomical count of views. As much of a fan as you are, don’t expect a sizable percentage in a universe of 1 trillion views.