Minecraft Legends may become part of the Urban Legend Herobrine series


It seems the juggernaut franchise that is Minecraft is finding its numbers growing again, as Minecraft Legends was announced this year on Xbox and Bethesda Showcase. He joins a series that now has games ranging from the original Minecraft to the Minecraft Dungeons dungeon crawler, as well as the likes of ARG Minecraft Earth and the Minecraft movie, which is still in development. Mojang clearly sees no limit to Minecraft’s potential, and it has plenty of room to explore and experiment with how the game can be adapted for different genres.

But as Mojang continues to pump the well that is Minecraft with all its might, the studio may return to the history books and revive one of the internet’s oldest urban legends to become a new antagonist for the upcoming game. The new details revealed in the trailer are backed up by Mojang’s overly playful attitude towards this fan-fueled boogeyman, which makes it seem like Herobrine may be a new villain introduced into the real Minecraft canon.

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Who is Herobrin?

Initially, Herobrine existed as a crypto-paste of the Minecraft community, acting as the equivalent of a second game character sharing a single-player world with a real player. Hirobrin mostly avoided the player, built tunnels and pyramids, plucked leaves from trees and generally behaved innocuously, despite his creepiness. The urban legend, based on an edited screenshot from the Minecraft game with a fluffy Herobrine in the distance, gained considerable popularity until Brocraft streamer Copeland staged a prank that propelled Herobrine into the heart of Minecraft fandom.

Since then, Herobrine has been scrutinized by the community using Minecraft mods and various fan art depicting it, and even the likes of Notch and Mojang share the community spirit to some extent. For example, when Notch was running Minecraft, he often considered the idea of officially adding Herobrine when asked about it, and Mojang often includes Herobrine from time to time through official illustrations or at live events. However, canonically, Herobrine has never existed in Minecraft at all, and there has been no indication yet from all official accounts that it will be added.

Herobrine captures Minecraft

With the history of Herobrine as a “ghost in the machine” type entity that invades players’ games, it is a strange coincidence that in the latest iteration of Minecraft by Mojang, the Minecraft world is invaded and captured from another dimension. The current theory that emerged after the announcement of the trailer is that Herobrine may actually be responsible for the invasion of the Underworld, referring not only to the basic principles of Herobrine, but also pointing to the strange glowing eyes of mobs such as piglins, which never happened in previous trailers. they showed that their eyes glow earlier. Fans suspect that Hirobrin is staging an invasion of the otherworld and using the Underworld as a means to do so, suggesting another antagonist besides Enderdragon or something similar.

Whether this theory is true or not remains to be seen. However, it is possible that while Mojang may not want to include Herobrine in vanilla Minecraft, they may find it acceptable to use Herobrine in a game other than the official canon. In one of Mojang’s past “jokes” about Herobrine, the developer said that he had removed Herobrine from the game data. This creates the perfect antagonist in Herobrine, making him an entity whose creators tried to hide him and destroy him. This may push him to invade the player’s world and use supernatural powers to achieve his goal. The status of Herobrine Urban Legend may even explain where Mojang drew inspiration for the name of the game. This is a very exciting idea, but if Hirobrin is not the main villain created to control Minecraft Legends, it will be interesting to see who is actually the antagonist.

Minecraft Legends will be released in 2023 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.