Minecraft is updated to version 1.17.10; all changes


Minecraft: The new version of Minecraft, 1.17.10, comes to Bedrock to include several new features such as experimental functions, candles, adjustments and much more. At the beginning of last June version 1.17: Caves & Cliff (part 1) became available in Minecraft. However, it was mainly focused on Java, so Bedrock users were waiting for their own custom patch. It is now, in the middle of July, when it arrives to contribute various news, adjustments, corrections and others. We will tell you in detail below.

What’s new in version 1.17.10 in Minecraft

Candles: they can be created with a honeycomb and a string and serve to be placed in groups of up to four and illuminate or to decorate cakes. If we combine them with dye we can obtain candles of different colors.
Potted Azaleas – As it sounds, variants of Potted Azalea and Flowering Azalea have been added.

Test experimental features from version 1.18

Caves & Cliffs: Part II experimental features are available in this update and can be enabled on the world creation screen. Note that these features are in progress, still under development, and subject to change. If we activate them, our world could crash, break or not function properly with future updates. Experimental features cannot be disabled after world creation.

World height now goes up to 320 blocks and down to -64 blocks
New surface biomes that include the so-called “Lofty Peaks, Snow Capped Peaks, Snowy Slopes, Mountain Grove and Mountain Meadow”.
New cave biomes including lush caves and trickle caves.
The renewed generation of caves adds cheese caves, spaghetti caves, lava aquifers and flooded aquifer caves.
New mineral distribution.
Loitering sensor.
Goat horn.


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