Minecraft fan united the Caretaker with Squidward


One of the most favorite aspects of Minecraft for fans is the wide range of interesting and diverse mobs presented in the game. Some mobs are neutral towards players, while others seek to cause chaos, but one thing that unites them all is how they have become easily recognizable and have received countless tributes to fans who love mobs regardless of their intentions. In a more modern example, one Minecraft player shared with Reddit his own version of the Warden mob, which also pays homage to the popular SpongeBob SquarePants animated series.

For the uninitiated: The blocky world of Minecraft is littered with all kinds of creatures, animals and even enemies that players may encounter. This includes, among other things, villagers, cows, sheep, creepers and an Ender dragon soaring in the sky. However, over the years, developers have added more mobs and non-player characters to the game through various free updates. One of these creatures in Minecraft is the terrifying mob Warden. Infamous in the gaming community for wreaking havoc on wandering cave miners who dug too deep, this looming monster was recently introduced to the game by the creators of Mojang in Wild Update.

Despite the fact that the Guardian is a completely new addition to the game, fans still show as much love for the high mafia as they do for other icons of the franchise. Here, to reinforce this view of the community, Reddit user Someonewhowa shared his amazing Minecraft fan art featuring a Guardian that robs mobs of their intimidating appearance and replaces it with a bitter turquoise Tentacle Squidward mantle.

squidward from minecraft

Quickly gaining over 2,000 votes in just 8 hours, it’s safe to say that Someonewhowa not only created a hilarious tribute to the Guardian, but also managed to perfectly reproduce the visual characteristics of Squidward when creating this block redesign. Someone skillfully translated everything, including Squidward’s big hanging nose, wide mouth and big yellow eyes with rectangular brown irises, when assembling this brilliant Minecraft crossover. On top of that, Somewhowa paid tribute to Squidward’s work at the Krusty Krab fast food restaurant by adding two spatulas to the Guardian’s head.

Thus, there have always been a lot of interesting mobs and NPCs in the Minecraft world. However, fresh additions such as Goats, Axolotls and Guardians have revitalized both the game world and the community, as their unique design inspires fans to create more exciting fan art.

Minecraft is already available for mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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