Minecraft fan shows off a special Warden LED flashlight


Minecraft has been exciting the imagination of gamers for more than a decade. Players create amazing buildings and structures in the sandbox that the name suggests, constantly pushing the boundaries set in the game. As Minecraft adds new updates, more and more tools are being added that the resourceful can use to create anything that comes to their mind.

Fans of the Mojang game have also built a lot of things outside of the game. This includes various works of art based on Minecraft, as well as a number of other projects. One example is the LED neon light that the player built from one of the last hostile mobs added to the game.

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The redditor under the nickname bonzurr published a small clip showing the LED neon light they created, inspired by the Warden mob from Minecraft. The video shows a dark room, which after a few seconds is illuminated by a Guardian consisting of various blue, white and orange lights. The clip ends when the lights turn off and the room turns a dark red hue.

Made a Warden LED neon light, how is it? from minecraft

The Warden light, created by bonzurr, has gained quite a lot of fans, and currently the post has gained more than 7,000 votes. Many commentators called the light cool, and they liked the presentation that bonzurr presented in his video. A number of fans joked that the light should be activated by movement and make sounds, referring to how the mob works in Minecraft. Others joked that they were now blind because of the way this fragment was shown in the bonzurr clip. The Warden light is well made and will look great on any Minecraft fan.

Bonzurr LED neon light is just one example of fan art created for Minecraft. The redditor, known as Pixel_lasha, drew several Minecraft mobs in 1-bit style, placed in a 3×3 grid. In the upper row of the grid, the Sentinel, Strider and Axolotl are represented. In the middle row, a Mushroom cow, a Guardian and a Shalker are depicted. Finally, in the bottom row there is a pig with an axe, a bee and an iron golem. Despite the fact that the drawings are made in a minimalist style without color, all mobs can be recognized instantly. This is an amazing piece of art depicting various creatures that can be found in Minecraft and shows them in a unique form for the enjoyment of gamers.

Minecraft is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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