Minecraft: Fan recreates the Avatar world


What happens when two big icons meet? Something epic, certainly. The anime Avatar: The Legend of Aang is about to debut in Minecraft. It’s just not official: an anime fan plans to recreate one of the coolest sets in the series in the popular construction game.

Reddit user CrankyManPants is recruiting the Northern Water Tribe within the game. The site appears in the first season of the anime and serves as a kind of “last stand” for Aang and his friends, during the initial attack of the Fire Nation. The battle was exciting for Zuko and Aang and also appeared in the 2010 film Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The fan announced his plans to adapt the world in Minecraft, but this will not be the first time that a popular anime has won its version in the block game. Other hits like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Dragon Ball and One Piece have been made by fans over the past 9 years. The full map will be published soon, but check out the first images:

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