Minecraft Fan Builds Yorrvaskra Banquet Hall for Skyrim from Whiterun


As for success stories, they are not much bigger than Minecraft. Since its release in 2009, hundreds of millions of copies have been sold, and this number is constantly growing, the open-world game from Mojang has become one of the most profitable video games in history. In fact, this is not surprising, considering that it opens up so many opportunities for creativity, giving players the opportunity to build any project or structure that comes to mind, with relaxing music. Sometimes fans go even further and recreate something from another game.

This is what the Reddit user Single_Cantaloupe_34 did. By uploading one image to the Skyrim forum, this person demonstrated his assembly of a very recognizable building from the Bethesda game, reinterpreted in Minecraft. In particular, they made their own block version of the inverted Yorrvaskra drakkar. Given its unique shape, it has a very distinctive look, and fans of the 2011 role-playing game will immediately be able to distinguish it.

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For those who are not so familiar with the game, Yorrvaskr is located in the city of Whiterun Skyrim. Players encounter this during the side quest “Companions”. The Companions are a group of warriors who have formed a faction in the city and, in fact, act as a version of the Guild of Fighters in this game, the main product in The Elder Scrolls series. What is interesting about Jorrvaskra is that it is the oldest building in Whiterun. Single_Cantaloupe_34 has done a great job of improving Minecraft, and one person in the comments suggested using it as a starting point to build the rest of the city around it.

I built a Yorrvaskr in Minecraft! Tell me what you think! from skyrim

This is far from the first time two games have come together under one roof. Some time ago, a fan recreated the Bleak Falls mound from Skyrim in Minecraft. Again, like Yorrvaskr, Blick Falls is a well—known place in this cold region of Tamriel. This is one of the first dungeons, besides the escape from Helgen at the beginning, that players go through in the first moments of the main storyline of the game. One person also made a version of the city of Solitude for Minecraft, and, no doubt, there are many more examples of how Skyrim was subjected to block processing.

The vanilla experience of Mojang’s open-world sandbox game is already huge, with almost endless creative potential. However, there are also many interesting Minecraft mods that add even more content or customize the gameplay in general. For this reason, it seems that the game will enjoy resounding success for many more years.

Minecraft is already available for mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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