Minecraft Event Turns the Game into a Purge


Minecraft’s success can be reduced to the fact that its almost endless replayability and game mechanics mean that players can unleash limitless creativity. While some may think of it as a video game more suitable for children, its appeal transcends age barriers, and many adults enjoy Mojang’s open-world sandbox. It can also be a peaceful experience, and while there is some brutality in it, it’s not something that many would consider extreme. That is, until these people appeared.

As PCGamesN noted, Forge Labs youtuber, along with a bunch of others, is participating in a Minecraft event that turns a cold game into a dystopian nightmare. In fact, what the players have done is to make their own version of The Purge, in which all crimes, including murders, are legal, just like in movies and TV series. The video begins with the fact that it takes everyone seven days to prepare for the event. During this period, no one is allowed to kill another player, and if someone dies during this initial seven-day period, they will permanently lose one health heart.

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It’s a pretty unique way to play what is often considered one of the most relaxing games. For those less familiar, The Purge is part of the horror Blumhouse along with the insidious and paranormal phenomenon. The original film was released in 2013 and received mixed reviews. It has since spawned a number of sequels, including an as-yet-unnamed sixth installment, as well as a television series that was canceled after two seasons. Given the violent nature of this franchise, it seems like it’s going to be the exact opposite of something like Minecraft, but Forge Labs and others have made an entertaining event out of it.

Fans are always looking for ways to challenge themselves when it comes to new or interesting projects. For example, one player in Minecraft gets the entire map of the world. Having spent the last five years excavating every block, down to the bedrock, they estimated that by September they would have cleared about 47 million blocks. Then he gets to the Lower and Extreme Worlds.

Since Bedrock Edition has just received the 1.19.20 update, Mojang is obviously not slowing down when it comes to taking care of its extremely profitable asset. The game has been around for more than a decade, and given the fact that fans are involved in any number of projects, including quite violent ones, it seems that Minecraft will remain in the spotlight of games for a long time.

Minecraft is already available for mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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