Minecraft Dungeons will have cross-play from November


The spin-off of the Mojang game will also be updated with many new features in its next big patch. Super Smash Bros.

Ultimate will welcome Minecraft with Steve and Alex, two new fighters who will join the roster of paid characters in Nintendo’s production. Meanwhile, the saga developed by Mojang continues to evolve beyond its main brand. Thus, the spin-off Minecraft Dungeons will soon receive one of the most demanded features from the gaming community: cross-play.

Minecraft Live, the video game’s streaming event, served as the perfect setting to present all these news. In a press release, Microsoft has announced that the crossplay will be available from November for Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It will, of course, be through a completely free update. In addition, the North American giant has detailed other news about Minecraft Dungeons, starting with its new great content update, Caves & Cliffs.

Caves & Cliffs coming out in summer

“This future update for Minecraft will combine two highly anticipated improvements: an update to the caves and the 2019 Minecon Live winning biome: the mountains. In Minecraft Live, we have shown new blocks and capabilities that will arrive soon, such as copper ore, crystal geodes and telescopes, in addition to talking about the improvements in the generation of caves and mountains ”, they explain in the press release. They have also revealed how a “hostile mob adapted to dark caves reacts to movement instead of being guided by life.” As if that weren’t enough, they have also shown Axototl, an aquatic creature that lives in caves and that can assist us in battle.

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The Caves & Cliffs update will still take a few months, as it won’t be ready until next summer.

According to Microsoft, the Minecraft community has grown in recent months, with a 90% increase in multiplayer sessions and a number of players that already exceeds 132 million per month.


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