‘Minecraft Dungeons’, which players are eagerly waiting for, is opened to pre-order


Minecraft Dungeons, where Mojang will move Minecraft into the isometric world, is finally open to pre-order today. Even though the game was available for pre-order, players were also given sad news.

Minecraft, which has not lost its popularity and audience for years, has been very curious about a new project especially in recent months. The project we mentioned was of course Minecraft Dungeons, where Mojang would take Minecraft to an isometric world and a completely different atmosphere.

About 6 months ago, Mojang shared a gameplay video from Minecraft Dungeons for the first time at MineCon 2019 event. Many Minecraft fans and gamers who saw the game liked the atmosphere, theme and gameplay elements in the game. Here is a sad news that came from Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons is available for pre-order but the release date has been delayed:
Minecraft Dungeons has been announced to be available for pre-order with the sharing made on the official Twitter account of Minecraft Dungeons. Although this made the players happy, there was also a sad detail in the video. Minecraft Dungeons’s release date has been delayed.

Minecraft Dungeons, which is expected to be released in April under normal conditions, will be released on May 26, 2020, according to the official share. Although there is no explanation about this issue by Mojang or Xbox Game Studios, a sharing made in mid-March showed us the reason for this situation.

Also in the post from the Minecraft Dungeons Twitter account, the studio stated that it was working hard to release the game in April, but it was also said that the timeline was reevaluated to present the game to the players in the best way.

Here we have learned the release date of Minecraft Dungeons precisely with the video shared today. At the same time, the game; Nintendo Switch is available for pre-order on all PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass platforms and will be released on the same date on all of these platforms.

Players who want to pre-order Minecraft Dungeons have to choose between two different versions of the game. Players can purchase Minecraft Dungeons – Standard Edition or Minecraft Dungeons – Hero Edition if they wish.


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