Minecraft Becomes Super Mario 64 Thanks To New Mod


Minecraft: Thanks to a new mod, Mario can now go through fields, caves, seas and other Minecraft locations. Created by modder Pdxdylan, modifying the files allows Mojang’s game to run the Super Mario 64 engine.

Still incomplete, lacking some of the iconic Minecraft mechanics, the mod allows Mario to do everything he did in the original Nintendo 64 game, such as jumping, swimming and punching enemies.

In a video posted on Twitter, the modder showed the result of the work done so far. Although we don’t see the plumber mining or building, the video makes it clear that the character is already able to interact with elements of the setting.


On the social network, Pdxdylan said that work on the mod is still in its early stages. But, as seen in the video above, Mario is already able to go through portals, hit monsters and even hang on spider webs to cross holes.

The biggest problem with this modified version of Minecraft is that probably no one other than the creator himself will be able to enjoy it, since the modder may end up not making the files available for download.

Because of Nintendo’s strict copyright policy, which tends to take down fan projects that use the company’s characters and brands, Pdxdylan said in another Twitter post that for now the best thing he can do is “post silly videos showing what you can do for do in-game [with the mod]”.

This is not the first time Mario has landed in Minecraft. When the game was released for Nintendo Switch, the mustachioed got a skin and a special world in Mojang’s game.


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