Minecraft, a new DLC based on the Jurassic World series


An incredible new DLC is coming to Minecraft, all content is based on the popular Jurassic World franchise

Minecraft players and dinosaur fans, today’s news is good for you, a new DLC is now available to play, and it is not just any content, this is based on

This new DLC brings more than 60

For all those who have always wanted to train a dinosaur or have their own park where they display the most imposing dinosaurs such as the T-Rex or the powerful velociraptors, they will be able to recreate their own version of Jurassic World.

Within the Jurassic World DLC for Minecraft we will find a special type of luxury resort, where we can appreciate some of the most representative dinosaurs from the movies, but the best of all is that we will be the ones who manage the theme park.

Minecraft and Jurassic World, winning combo

The dynamics, as we already know it, will allow us to create and train dinosaurs, build exhibitions and solve problems, but this time we will also be able to carry out expeditions to discover the DNA of new dinosaurs, not to mention that we will have vehicles and a team of non-playable characters that will help us solve disasters and thus achieve the highest possible score.

The idea is that we can keep the park open for as long as the dinosaurs are unpredictable and we will not know when there will be an emergency to attend to, disasters to solve or dinosaurs to take care of, so be prepared to be the best manager the park can. to have.

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This DLC promises hours and hours of entertainment that will make us think a lot and laugh a lot, if that caught your attention, wait until you play it, you will not want to let go.


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