Minecraft 1.19.10 is now available for Bedrock Edition with a lot of fixes


It’s hard to imagine a time when people will stop playing or even talking about Minecraft. Even after all these years, it still remains one of the most popular video games of 2022, along with its contemporary Skyrim. The reason he still remains strong is because of the almost infinite amount of creativity he provides to his fans. On top of that, the Mojang developer is constantly updating the game with new content, and a new patch has already been released.

Although update 1.19 was released only last month, the Minecraft Bedrock version has already received another patch that raises it to version 1.19.10. A message on the official website says that this latest update contains “a number of new improvements.” Among other things, one of the main things is the implementation of many bug fixes related to gameplay, overall performance, the world and mobs. This proves that even a successful game like this can still find a place to make changes, that no release is ever truly perfect, no matter how hard the developer tries.

In addition to fixing bugs, patch 1.19.10 also changes one of the newest creatures in the game, Allay. Minecraft has introduced an update to Allay for The Wild, a mob that helps players collect items by collecting and delivering them. It also reacts to the blocks of notes being played. That’s one of the things this new update adds. Allay will now dance when he hears music playing on the jukebox. He also has the ability to duplicate if the player gives him an amethyst shard. This mob has no natural habitat, but it can be “rescued” from column outposts or forest mansions.

Mojang recently released the Minecraft 1.19 update, and the studio continues to work on itself. He added new mobs, including Sentinel, Frog, Tadpole and the aforementioned Alley. He also added a couple of new biomes, as well as a few blocks.

Since its first launch in 2009, Minecraft has never ceased to be a gaming ruthless force. Having become one of the most profitable video games of all time, it continues to be sold in droves, and sales reach hundreds of millions. With the continued support of its loyal fans who are more than interested in showcasing their builds and projects, it is likely that this open-world sandbox game with blocky visuals will remain a vital addition to the game world.

The full patch notes are as follows:


When Allay hears the jukebox playing, he starts a dance animation. If the jukebox stops playing or if Allay moves too far away from the jukebox, he will stop dancing. If Allay gets an amethyst fragment during the dance, he will start playing a small amethyst sound, make a heart and copy it to another Allay.


Expanded the “/locate” command to search for structure and biome search. The merchant Lama now has his own summoning egg. The cause of the player’s death has been added to the death screen. Music is now included in the game files on iOS, so players no longer need to download a music package from the Marketplace. Added support for Bluetooth mouse and keyboard on iOS.


Fixed a crash that could occur when boats were being unloaded from the world. Fixed a crash that could occur when the Desiccant was loaded into the world. Fixed a crash that could occur in a multiplayer game when a player left the game when changing the dimension. when the fishing rod was thrown through dimension-altering portals (MCPE-154161) Fixed a glitch that could occur when players died under the influence of Withering. The game no longer crashes when you enter the coin starter screen. Loading the world no longer takes very long. the time when the experimental switch Holiday Creator Features is turned on


Players are no longer pushed by doors when they close (MCPE-154734) Items now stack correctly in the left hand when inventory is full (MCPE-34959) Equipping items in armor slots through the inventory screen now makes sounds (MCPE-46939) Players can now hear each other equipping items in armor slots. Fixed a bug where players could take fall damage when walking through forests at a certain height (even if they didn’t actually fall) (MCPE-154779). Fixed a bug that caused the vertical angle of the player’s camera to reset when entering the Boat (MCPE-152762) Advanced Pick Block now copies items inside when used on a boat with a chest (MCPE-153410) The drag effect is no longer one level weaker than it should be (MCPE-156012) Rush I will now be correctly increase the player’s mining speed (MCPE-102237) Conduit Power I now gives the Haste I effect instead of Haste II Fixed a problem with additional health from Health Boost, which did not persist after leaving the world (MCPE-153504)