Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot: How to Download the Trial Version in Java


Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot: We tell you how you can download the trial version 1.18 of Minecraft to discover first-hand all the news that will arrive soon. In the middle of 2021 Minecraft continues to receive updates to keep the cubic universe of the game active. Thanks to them everything remains quite stable and in constant evolution. We discover new seeds monthly and welcome creatures like goats and axolotls to the game (thanks to update 1.17). While we wait for the second part of this latest patch to arrive, from Mojang they allow players to try the following version first hand: 1.18. We tell you how to access it and what it contains, next.

Major changes in version 1.18

New height and depth measurements in the new world
New mountain biomes (soaring peaks, snowy peaks, groves, meadows, and snowy slopes)
New generation of caves (cheese, spaghetti and noodle caves)
Local water levels and lava levels in the subsoil
New cave biomes naturally generate underground and internal mountains (lush caves, trickle caves)
Natural variation in the shape and elevation of the terrain, regardless of biomes. For example, forests and deserts could form on a hill without the need for a special biome just for that.
New mineral distribution
Large ore veins
Mountains, caves and built-in cave entrances
Monsters will only appear in areas of complete darkness


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