Mindy Kaling praises the acting debut of Reese Witherspoon’s son Deacon: the role was “perfect” for him


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Famous fans! The son of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, Deacon Phillippe, made his acting debut in season 3 of the series “I’ve Never Been”, and the creative team of the show was very pleased with his work.

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“We were interrupting the season, and there was this role that seemed perfect for Deacon,” show co—creator Mindy Kaling told Variety on Friday, August 12, noting that 46-year-old Witherspoon had previously informed her that 18-year-old Deacon wanted to pursue acting. “He’s obviously so talented and looks great and we just thought he’d be great and he was happy to come and do it.”

The high school graduate appears in two episodes of the Netflix comedy as Parker, a classmate of the new character Des (Anirudh Pisharodi). The 9-1-1 graduate, for his part, plays a new love interest for leading lady Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreya Ramakrishnan) in season 3, which aired on Friday. Amid the growing bond of Devi and Des, the pair face each other as rivals of the debate team. Parker from Deacon is also an integral member of the debate team.

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“He’s just such a well-behaved kid. He’s so talented, he’s so funny and he fits in perfectly with the cast. The cast and crew loved him and it was special to have him,” the 43—year-old Mindy Project graduate said during the new season premiere on the red carpet. “He’s such a humble kid and he just wants to learn. And he was raised by two very successful actors. He’s not careful or something. He just came with an open mind and was excited.”

The Legally Blonde actress and the 47-year-old Big Sky graduate got married in 1998 before giving birth to daughter Ava, now 22, and son Deacon. Eventually, in 2008, their paths diverged, but they remained friendly parents.

“Ryan has been an amazing parent and everything pretty much stops for him when his kids need him,” a source told Us Weekly in December 2021, noting that co—parenting has “never been better” between the two stars. “Even during the pandemic, when he was literally in another country, he is present in their lives and still remains a “cool parent” in their eyes. He’s really proud of who they’ve become.”

Deacon, in addition to participating in NHIE, also shows an interest in music, which Witherspoon and Ryan are equally passionate about.

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“I’m so proud. He’s going to go to music college [too],” the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” actor told Entertainment Tonight earlier this month. “This is his main direction. He likes acting, and he will do it according to his appetite, but his main focus is on music. …I’m very proud.”

The graduate of “Big Little Lies” was equally impressed by the achievements of her eldest son and could not even tear herself away from watching the 3rd season of NHIE.

“I’ve never had overeating,” Witherspoon, who also shares 9—year-old son Tennessee with husband Jim Toth, said in an Instagram Story video Friday. “It’s so good [and] it’s really funny. …Okay, [Devi] is with this other guy right now, and oh my God, he’s so cute [and] they’re totally kissing! I have to go [watch] the next episode [now].”

Kaling was thrilled to see her pal and frequent collaborator enjoying the new episodes. “OMFG, the Queen,” she signed the footage with Witherspoon, publishing them in her “History”. “Elle Woods is watching @neverhaveiver, I could die.”


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