Mindhunter: Director Says Season 3 Of Series Depends On Fans


Mindhunter: With each passing day, Mindhunter fans get less and less hopeful about a 3rd season. The series got the story in half and left the audience completely looking forward to a new season. According to a director of the series, however, the return of the program depends on the noise of the fans.

Asif Kapadia, who directed two episodes of Mindhunter’s season 1, believes there is a possibility for the series to return. On Twitter, Kapadia said fans should make a lot of noise and make it clear to Netflix how much they want the return.

Why the hiatus?

Mindunter is a series that has been a great success with fans and critics, receiving 95% of public approval and 97% of critics’ approval on Rotten Tomatoes. Produced by David Fincher, known as Fight Club and Seven, the series went on a hiatus with no expected return after a great fatigue caused in Fincher.

David Fincher said the writing of the script left something to be desired in Season 2, which forced him to be more directly involved in the production of the plot, causing great mental and physical exhaustion. Because of that, the series would have been put aside for a while.

Sometime after that, Fincher signed an exclusive four-year deal with Netflix and began looking for the show’s comeback, which could mean the long-awaited Season 3 .

However, in an interview with Vulture, Fincher also hinted that the low ratings and high cost of the series meant that interest in continuing the story was fading.

This is believed to be the main reason the streaming platform has not yet given a positive signal for a 3rd season of Mindhunter.


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