Mindhunter: David Fincher is trying to bring the series back


Mindhunter series has shown all the signs that there should not be a third season. However, the latest information shows that David Fincher, executive producer of the series, would be negotiating with Netflix for his return.

The show has never been officially canceled by the streaming platform, but it has also shown no signs of starting production on a new season. To worsen expectations, actors Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany and Anna Torv were released from contracts at the beginning of last year.

Why the long hiatus?

It is not known why the indefinite hiatus exists, but there are theories. One of the main presents that the reason would be the fatigue of David Fincher, who has produced and directed the series. According to Fincher, finding a good script for the second season was an exhausting task that hindered his interest in focusing on the direction of the film Mank.

Another reason, according to Fincher, was the fact that the series did not have many views within the platform. This point is extremely curious, since Mindhunter is rated as one of Netflix’s best original productions. So, even without great numbers, the series has always been critically acclaimed.

Reasons to believe in season 3

According to the Small Screen website, Fincher and the streaming platform are talking again about a possible third season of Mindhunter.

There are reasons to believe this conversation. The first is the show being in evidence and being loved by critics. In addition, actor Holt McCallanny stated in 2019 that Fincher would have a desire to produce five seasons of the series.

Another issue is the huge success of the movie Mank, which made director David Fincher sign a four-year exclusive contract with Netflix.

To close the conspiracy in favor of the series, there is information that the streaming platform has already come up with the production of the film The Killer, which is an old wish of Fincher and can animate the director for other projects, such as Mindhunter.


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