Mina returned to Instagram with a message of thanks to her fans


After facing great difficulties, Mina thanked those who offered her support and solidarity when she revealed that she was a victim of bullying.

The former AOA member returned to Instagram after disclosing that she suffered bullying for ten years.

A week has passed since Mina shared the sad story of her stay at AOA and her departure from the group, where she revealed that she had been emotionally affected due to the harassment and mistreatment she suffered from Jimin , leader of the group.

After sharing that she was teased and intimidated , her Instagram posts were filled with messages of support and solidarity , where her fans let her know that she would always count on her love and motivation to keep going.

For that reason, after facing what happened after her statements, Mina has returned to social networks with a message that expresses her gratitude to all those who sent her strength.

I have received so many words of concern and encouragement not only from my acquaintances, but from so many people through direct messages, texts, etc. and I regret not being able to personally answer all of them. I am doing my best to read them all, and I am very grateful. You no longer have to worry about me …


The post was accompanied by a photograph of her pet resting on the couch, but in addition to thanking for the support, Mina wanted to reassure all those who worried about her state of health .


So you don’t have to worry about me anymore, I will work hard to return to promotions with a healthy and bright image, receiving treatment step by step. Take care and don’t get sick until then.

After Mina revealed the story about her AOA experience , Jimin apologized to fans for not being a good leader and left the group.

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