Mina posts messages that concern fans


Mina talked about her fellow AOA members and Jimin’s mistreatment. At the beginning of July 2020, Mina, a former member of AOA, denounced the harassment she received from her partner Jimin for 10 years, through the Instagram platform, Mina wrote her bullying story in many posts.

These statements were shocking for the K-pop world, for fans and netizens, who sympathized with Mina, as the idol shared the multiple wounds that these bad experiences brought her.

Jimin apologized to her former partner, and the AOA leader said that she would walk away from the Korean entertainment medium, canceling all of her activities. FNC Entertainment, a company representing AOA, also addressed the issue in a statement.

Jimin had attended Mina’s house to apologize in person, both stars revealed their version of events, while Jimin expressed that she was not a good leader and deeply regretted how things happened, Mina said that her words were not sincere.

Jinri is the real name of Sulli, a former member of the group f (x), who left this world on October 14, 2019, in Seongnam, South Korea, the words of the also actress, worried her thousands of fans .

Today Mina again posted two long messages on the subject of Jimin bullying, Mina began by saying that she did not want to worry anyone, she commented that she had talked with an employee of the FNC Entertainment company because she believed that Jimin had not told her apologizing appropriately, the company worker told him that in his opinion he believed so.

Mina did not think the attitude with which Jimin went to her house, the employee’s response only complicated her mental situation and she was hurt again, adding that the anesthesia was not working because her nerves were badly damaged.

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