Milo, the walkie talkie for the most adventurous


Surely you know or have had a Walkie Talkie in your hands. It is a small radio device that allows you to connect with other users within the same channel.

It includes a button that opens and cuts the microphone according to your needs, but these days this is solved if the audio device has a sound control that recognizes when you speak and closes when you are silent. If we add to this that you do not need more than a headset, we are in front of the Milo intercom.

This is the little Milo intercom

When you go on a route or practice some extreme sport in a group it is convenient to have a communication system to know the status of your companions at all times. And the fact that it is extreme does not imply that it has its security point. That is why it is always good to carry your mobile with you, but if you do not want to use it all the time or simply cannot carry it during your exercise because you do not put it in sea water, for example, you can always count on Milo’s help.

This small device has an oval appearance and attaches to a magnetic surface with a strong closure so it does not come loose. Thanks to a small press on one of its buttons, it is able to activate the communication system and link it with the rest of the nearby devices. And this is a great advantage because it is a radio that links not only with the rest of the beacons wirelessly, but also with a Bluetooth headset so as not to miss any of the communication.

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Its communication system helps to keep an entire team united within a radius of action, so the position of the people does not matter. With at least two to three devices interconnected, a room can be aware of what is happening as long as it is paired before starting.


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