Million Subscriber Analyst: This Altcoin Will Attract Institutional Investment!


The analyst of crypto channel Coin Bureau, nicknamed Guy, is explaining his outlook for Stellar (XLM) next year, after its lackluster performance in 2021.

“Altcoin can attract both individual and institutional interest”

The analyst says that while Stellar (XLM) has doubled in price this year, the altcoin project’s gains are ‘peanuts’ compared to the performance of other crypto assets. According to Guy, Stellar’s low price performance can be attributed to a single root cause; Sales pressure specifically from the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), a nonprofit dedicated to the development and growth of the Stellar network.

The latest figures reveal that the foundation has spent more than 5 billion of its 30 billion XLM so far, and the turnaround machine has spent about 3 billion of this XLM over the past year. Moreover, a paragraph at the end of the mandate notes uses:

As we said when we first announced this framework in November 2019, we plan to deploy or deploy most of these Lumens within 10 years, ideally sooner.

Therefore, the analyst states that the selling pressure will not stop anytime soon. Guy also says that in addition to the constant selling pressure, XLM doesn’t seem to have much of a demand factor. According to the crypto analyst, institutional investors are staying away from the crypto asset, possibly due to regulatory uncertainty regarding XRP. But Guy says the positive results from SDF’s partnership with MoneyGram could allow XLM to bounce back to its record high of $0.87 on January 3, 2018:

The only demand for XLM comes from the institutions that the Stellar Development Foundation has partnered with, and these partnerships are just starting to take their final form. On the bright side, this paints a pretty optimistic picture for XLM in 2022 and if the MoneyGram partnership lives up to its promises, I can see XLM retesting its early 2018 highs. Stellar also has no shortage of upcoming milestones that can capture both individual and corporate interest.