Million Subscriber Analyst: Check Out These 6 Altcoins In March!


Crypto channel Coin Bureau has announced its altcoin projects where people can earn rewards and passive income to 1.97 million YouTube subscribers in a new video. He mentioned that he ranked the six altcoins he drew attention to according to five criteria.

Coin Bureau is bullish on these altcoin projects

In its latest video, Coin Bureau drew attention to several factors when listing altcoins that people can generate income from. These factors include the minimum amount required to stake, the lock/unlock time, the risk of hacking when validators fail, the annual interest offered, and the potential for the crypto asset to rise in price over time. Coin Bureau offers six altcoins in order of preference, namely Avalanche (AVAX). According to the analyst, Avalanche has proven to be one of the best alternatives to ETH due to its app, which is around 5x faster than the other.

The next project on Guy’s staking watchlist was the scalable interoperability network Cosmos (ATOM). “Cosmos staking rewards are currently around 15 percent per year for delegates who need to lock their ATOM for 21 days. There is no minimum staking,” he says.

ADA, FTM, ONE and ALGO are also on the list

The third token on Guy’s radar is Cardano (ADA). “Cardano’s staking rewards are currently 5 percent per year, which might be a good trade-off, albeit a bit low. There is no minimum staking amount for users, no lock or unlock time for any staked ADA. There is no risk of interruption,” he says. The analyst then looks at the corporate Phantom (FTM). “The main reason I keep FTM is because Fantom has some of the best developers in cryptocurrency,” he says.

Analyst says he also likes Harmony (ONE) because it’s an Ethereum (ETH) competitor “who, like Avalanche, Fantom, and Ethereum itself, is facing fierce competition.” The price history for ONE doesn’t look as good as other altcoins, but it remains in a relatively long-term uptrend. The sixth and last most staking asset Guy mentioned was Algorand (ALGO). He states that ALGO’s staking reward can go up to 10 percent on an annual basis.