Millie Celebrates Bobby Brown’s 1st Birthday!


Millie Bobby Brown shared an adorable photo of her dog on Instagram! The pet was celebrating its first year!

The beautiful Millie Bobby Brown has been very happy for a year! Indeed, she has a very cute dog that she adores!

Between the young actress and the animals, it’s a great love story! Eh yes ! The young woman has been living a daydream since having her dog!

Thus, we very often see Millie Bobby Brown with the animal … What makes us totally melt!

For her first year, the actress has seen it big for her dog! The latter even had the right to a special disguise!

A pleasant surprise for the animal … However, one wonders if he understands what is happening to him!

Indeed, dogs do not have the same notion of birthdays as men and Millie Bobby Brown’s is no exception to the rule …

Anyway, fans of the young woman wanted to wish the dog a happy birthday! We tell you more!


On Instagram, Millie Bobby Brown wanted to inform her subscribers that her dog was celebrating his birthday. So, she put a post too cute!

We were able to see the animal disguised with a pink crown, a dance tutu and a top with “Happy Birthday” written on it! Too cute !

In caption, Millie Bobby Brown commented, “Happy Birthday Winnie the Pooh. I am very lucky to be your mom! Nice words for the dog!

Indeed, even if the actress’ “child” cannot read, he must feel all the love she has for him … Lovely!

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In the comments, the fans were very touched! They celebrated the animal’s birthday en masse!

We could therefore read: “Too cute! Hope it will be a wonderful day for you today “or” Happy birthday to the most beautiful! “


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