Millie Brown wants Stranger Things to have a wedding


Actress Millie Bobby Brown wants two characters from the ‘Stranger Things’ series to come down the aisle for this tender reason.

‘Stranger Things’ is a series that combines several mysterious and inexplicable themes, over several seasons, millions of people have witnessed the multiple adventures of Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Noah Lucas, Nancy, Steve and their friends.

Millie Bobby Brown, who is the protagonist of the Netflix series spoke about the following season of ‘Stranger Things’, the British actress expressed her deepest wishes about the end for her character.

The also model, held an extensive interview with Glamor Magazine England, where she was questioned about her future projects and other activities that she is preparing for all her fans and that they will soon be able to enjoy.

Bobby Brown said that for the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’ she wants two characters to come down the aisle and have a beautiful wedding, the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador explained:

My character has been through a lot, I just hope he’s happy

The beauty businesswoman revealed that she has always asked the Duffer brothers, who are the creators of ‘Stranger Things’, to smile more in the episodes and during the takes, she described the fate she wants for Eleven:

I would love for their story to be completed as a good ending, I trust the Duffer brothers so much that it will be beautiful and I will love it no matter what it is

Bobby Brown said that Eleven:

Love Mike, I want the two of them to get married, that’s what I need, I need a wedding scene for ‘Stranger Things’ and period, Eleven in a wedding dress and say -Sorry, my nose is bleeding, it’s a White dress-

Millie Bobby Brown, also revealed why Eleven is one of her favorite characters in the universe of the series in which she appears, she commented:

I would love for Eleven to regain her powers because she is a heroine, in a way she is like a super woman

The Duffer brothers have on different occasions said that the fourth season of the series is not the end of the story, but without a doubt Millie Bobby Brown already gave producers and writers a great idea for a scene that could be iconic.


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