Millie Bobby Brown, “Yours sincerely” fan of Ben Platt!


Millie Bobby Brown is hugely successful. The young woman unveiled her favorite music from Ben Platt on Instagram.

Millie Bobby Brown has had huge success for several years. The young actress confided in her fans and shared some music by Ben Platt that she loves.

Millie Bobby Brown started to make a name for herself several years ago in the Stranger Things series. For more than four years, the young woman has put herself in Eleven’s shoes. She plays a badass character in the Netflix series and fans can’t wait to see her again soon. However, the platform is taking its time to unveil the next season.

As with the other shows, Stranger Things is experiencing delays due to Covid-19. The actors have a hard time shooting the episodes while respecting the many health rules. So, at the moment, no one knows when the new season will be on the channel. On the other hand, the 16-year-old actress is not bored.

Millie Bobby Brown has a busy schedule. Fans got to see her a few months ago alongside Henry Cavill in the movie Enola Holmes. The actress starred in the feature film and seems to have become a fixture on Netflix. Then, she also built a real empire with her cosmetics brand.

The Stranger Things actress is determined to be a real businesswoman. Thus, she set up Florence by Mills and her cosmetics are very successful. Nonetheless, even though she’s more popular than ever, Millie is still a teenager who loves to do simple things like listen to music.


Millie Bobby Brown may have a big fortune and over 41 million Instagram followers, but she’s still an ordinary teenager. So, very often, she loves to share parts of her life on the social network and does not hesitate to appear naturally. We find her with her dogs, or watching TV.

Then, when she’s not filming, the young woman loves discovering new sounds. Thus, she seems completely a fan of the music Sincerely Me by Ben Platt. So much so that she wanted to share her little discovery with her subscribers in a question and answer.

On the social network, a fan asked Millie Bobby Brown the last song she listened to. So the starlet wasted no time in revealing the title of her favorite Ben Platt song. Then, she added a small sample in order to introduce the music to all her subscribers. We suspect that the latter must have looked into it.

The starlet therefore seems to have good musical tastes and her fans were able to learn more about her. Like everyone else, Millie loves music, traveling and having a good time with her loved ones. She therefore does everything to keep it simple despite her enormous success!


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