Millie Bobby Brown worse than her grandmother’s death


On her Instagram account, Millie Bobby Brown announced terrible news. Her grandmother Ruth died of illness.

This Tuesday, November 10, Millie Bobby Brown mourns her grandmother Ruth, who has breathed her last. She pays tribute to him on Instagram!

Death spares no one. Even stars can find themselves losing a loved one. Money and fame don’t always buy happiness.

At just 16 years old, Millie Bobby Brown just found out. Indeed, the British actress mourns her grandmother Ruth, with whom she was very close.

So it was on her Instagram account that the interpreter of Enola Holmes announced this sad news. Moreover, the pretty brunette took the opportunity to say her goodbye.

First, Millie Bobby Brown unveiled a snapshot of them, in black and white. They both have a big smile. Their complicity is obvious!

“There are no words that make sense right now. There is no sentiment to specify, “began the main interested party, captioning her post.


In shock, Millie Bobby Brown continued, “Loss is such a complex thing and I go through times when I can’t stop crying. ”

“Then I laugh at all of these memories and sit down quietly to try to figure out what happened. ”

But the young woman did not stop there. To cure her ailments, she used her words. Millie Bobby Brown said she lost her grandmother to Alzheimer’s.

“Alzheimer’s is a disease. It’s cruel. (…) Take away from someone the ability to recall memories and then how to function as a human being. ”

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As a final farewell, the actress hopes she will always be her “Millie Moos”. “I hope you watch over me and protect me like you did when I was little. “


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