Millie Bobby Brown was spotted in a big T-shirt and pink flip-flops on the set of the new movie “Electric State”.


2022 was a great year for Millie Bobby Brown. The fourth season of her series “Stranger Things” was released on Netflix, which broke world records for views. Her cosmetics line Florence by Mills has been a significant success. She’s all set for the release of “Enola Holmes 2,” the sequel to her Netflix movie. She also celebrated an anniversary with her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi. All this on the one hand and on the other, she is starring in the new film “Electric State”.

Brown has been busy filming the movie “Electric State,” which is currently taking place in Acworth, Georgia. And recently she was photographed during a photo shoot on the beach.

Millie Bobby Brown amazes even in flip-flops

Recently, Millie Bobby Brown was photographed on the set of the movie “Electric State”. In the photos, she can be seen in a simple T-shirt on the beach, where she takes pictures. The T-shirt was white and looked more like a cover-up. Along with this, an eighteen-year-old girl was seen with brown hair. Brown also had a chocolate ice cream cone in her hand as she rocked it completely in her pink flip-flops.

Millie Bobby Brown is considered one of the most natural and down-to-earth Hollywood stars. Despite the fact that she gained worldwide fame at such a young age, the actress has always been modest and down-to-earth. The star, in her own words, “is not shy about anything” and believes that she can be herself. “Godzilla vs. Kong” knows very well when to kill the red carpet and when to keep cool. And when it comes to “keeping cool”, Brown tries to stay in clothes of maximum comfort.

According to Hollywood Life, the film crew is currently filming in Acworth, initially starting in Atlanta on October 5, 2022. Her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi also often visits her on set. Earlier, when filming began in October, he was seen with her on the set.

The release date of The Electric State has not yet been announced, but it is projected to be released in 2023. But, if you can’t wait to see Millie before then, get ready for the release of Enola Holmes 2 on November 4th.


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