Millie Bobby Brown was afraid of Vienna, just like the rest of us


According to her co-star in the film, the star of the TV series “Very Strange Things” Millie Bobby Brown, apparently, was horrified and visually disgusted by the villainess of season 4, Vecna. The popular sci-fi horror TV show first debuted on Netflix back in July 2016 and received unanimous critical acclaim, and then became the most watched English Netflix series. Considered the flagship show of the streaming platform, “Very Strange Things” explores topics such as friendship, investigative drama, supernatural horror, references to 1980s pop culture, Cold War experiments and conspiracy theories, power and corruption. The award-winning show, including seven primetime Emmy Awards, has gained widespread popularity and recognition, and in February of this year, Netflix announced that it had renewed the show for a fifth and final season.

British actress of Spanish descent Brown plays Eleven, a troubled girl with psychokinetic and telekinetic abilities who must use them to protect her friends and the town of Hawkins from the inevitable threats emanating from a parallel universe known as the Wrong One. Over the course of the series, Eleven must learn to use her growing abilities, as well as struggle to integrate into normal life after spending years as a test subject in a government laboratory. In the fourth season of the show, a new antagonist, known as Vecna, played by Jamie Campbell Bower, appeared, and the Briton received recognition for his performance.

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To coincide with the release of the Season 4 finale, Bauer sat down with Variety to discuss the show, his role, and talk about the actors’ reactions to his character. According to IndieWire, the London-born star spoke about her transformation, which took seven and a half hours every day, and also talked about how Brown was disgusted and horrified by his appearance after the transformation. Read the 33-year-olds’ comments below:

“They put her in a position where she is tied up. I approached her [in the image of Vecna], and she burst into tears. She didn’t look at me, and it was obvious that she was disgusted by all this. After she started crying and I made it clear that she knew it was me, one of the things she said was, ‘I knew it was you when I smelled cigarettes,’ because I smoke.”

Vecna is considered one of the scariest and most powerful villains in the series, and his appearance in the last season, as well as his subsequent backstory, closely related to previous seasons, were highly appreciated by both fans and critics. Created under the influence of the classic horror of the 80s, the villain looks no different from the dream demon Freddy Krueger from “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. Kruger actor and horror icon Robert Englund appears in a cameo role this season. As a new addition to the series, giving Bauer such a prominent role has always been a risky move, but it looks like it paid dividends to the creators of The Duffer Brothers.

The terrifying nature of Vecna could well be due to the fact that the character was described as “90% practical”, and the producers tried to move away from computer graphics as much as possible, so there is every chance that Brown’s reaction was sincere. This certainly made the game of star Enola Holmes more realistic when she engages the monster in an intellectual battle. Although the end of the season seemed to suggest the defeat of Vecna, the final moments of the season 4 finale of “Very Strange Things” seem to have dispelled this idea, so there is every chance that fans will see the return of the antagonist in the last season of the show.