Millie Bobby Brown: This anecdote from Stranger Things!


Everyone has little secrets, don’t they? Including Millie Bobby Brown, who has just revealed an anecdote on Stranger Things …

Millie Bobby Brown also has her filming secrets. Recently, the star returned to an anecdote during her debut. Anecdote that will surely make Stranger Things fans smile!

Like many stars, Millie Bobby Brown remembers her first times on a film set. In short, moments that we do not forget.

Especially when you have crisp anecdotes to remember, despite yourself. Some of them are embarrassing, hilarious or traumatic …

For the star of Stranger Things, it was mostly unusual for once. As you know, the girl had to shave her hair very short for the role.

Her hairstyle reminds us of the bald head of an actress in a well-known movie. This is precisely the performance of this one that she must have had in mind.

To take her role as Eleven seriously, Millie Bobby Brown had to follow in the footsteps of an older actress. This is of course Charlize Theron, who was her muse during the shoot.


Indeed, Charlize Theron wears, just like Millie Bobby Brown, a shaved head in Mad Max. The showrunners therefore asked him to follow this performance very seriously before the fateful moment.

So it’s thanks to this fabulous actress that the Stranger Things star made it big. She is now winning the fruits of her glory, after all!

In an interview with Indie Wire, Millie Bobby Brown said that during the process she was told, “I want you to have Charlize Theron in Mad Max in mind.” So that’s precisely what she had in mind for the role.

Of course, the reaction of those close to him was not really the most reassuring … “Oh my God, no! Her mother exclaimed when she heard that her daughter was going to go bald.

“I don’t want you to do this, please! She begged. Fortunately, her father was there to support her and prove her right: “Mom, how are you! It’s just my skull! “


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