Millie Bobby Brown talks about her insecurities and how difficult it is to be such a young star in the audiovisual industry


Public opinion is able to devour everything that is proposed. Unfortunately, in the same way that the human being is capable of carrying someone with a positive current of volandas, he can also achieve the opposite, to overthrow any person who dedicates himself to a public profession. It costs us, and in this it is better to speak in the first person of the plural because we must all make self-criticism, differentiate between the personal and professional issues of the athletes, music or actors whom we often judge unfairly, especially the younger ones.

But it is when one reads messages as sincere as the one that Millie Bobby Brown just wrote on her Instagram account when she regains a little of the real perspective and wonders if the hardness with which the critics often refer to youth stars is like She, who is barely 15 years old yet – will not turn 16 until February 2020. And they are not ice, not even her, to which everything has gone face to date within the audiovisual industry.

“I hope we can all appreciate how beautiful we are. It is difficult to deal with insecurities being young in an industry that is so critical, but I believe that self-love and affection is what I am looking for as a person. Be true yourself and without filters . Always and forever, “wrote the British actress born in Marbella on her Instagram profile with a selfie of her teenage face.

We see her starring in the most successful Netflix series to date -Stranger Things’- and shining with her own light, which grown up, in the best red carpets, and we completely forget what her identity card says. That is why we applaud this kind of sincere and respectful messages, which are a help for other young people like her who have her as a reference in life, to those who show that she does not have it as easy as it seems. In addition, it puts us on our site adults, and also the industry itself, surely too demanding with people as young as her.


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