Millie Bobby Brown, “Swiftie” Grooves on Taylor Swift’s Latest Album


What began as a central role in the Netflix sci-fi thriller eventually made Millie Bobby Brown a true sensation of the genre. The British star, after a knockout performance in “Stranger Things”, began to explore more of her side hobbies and interests. Some of her countless hobbies include makeup and frequently hitting the floor with one of her favorite songs.

Again and again, the 18-year-old star gave us an idea of her dancing skills in various segments. From swinging to Walmart Guy to her favorite singers, she loves to do it all. Once again, Brown shared a recent video on her YouTube channel that caused a stir among fans.

YouTube rejoices when Millie Bobby Brown shared another moment of a quick game

Under the open sky in her newly released frosty clothes, Millie Bobby Brown immersed herself in Taylor Swift’s latest music album. Dancing to the Anti-Hero beats, Brown wholeheartedly demonstrated her movements and a large beige cardigan in the video. As surprised as we were, the fans were also taken away when they found out that Brown is a Taylor Swift fan. Or, more precisely, what they called Swiftie. Although this isn’t the first time Brown has vibrated on Swift.

She made the signature small and precise: “It’s me!” and remained faithful to her, being refreshingly open and confident. Meanwhile, some fans couldn’t stop drooling over her outfit and light movements, others couldn’t stop admiring her love for Swift’s songs.

“Wow, Millie, it’s good that you’re a skimmer too,” the fan commented.

“I like that Millie is as fast as we are,” another commented.

“Yeah, I’m literally obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new album. It’s so good, and your outfit is amazing,” another user wrote in the comments section of her video.

“We love the moments with Millie and her Swiftie,” another fan wrote in the comments.

The star really liked not only spinning to her favorite tunes, but also singing. Quite often she throws us videos where she sings with her favorite stars, such as Rihanna and Ariana Grande.

Did you enjoy watching Millie Bobby Brown so nimble?


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