Millie Bobby Brown supports The Conscious Kid on Instagram!


Since May 25, Millie Bobby Brown has been speaking out on racial inequality every day. She just supported The Conscious Kid on Instagram!

George Floyd … This is one more name on this list of victims of police violence. The 46-year-old African American was killed by four police officers.

Derek Chauvin prevented him from breathing by keeping his knee on his neck. The other officers turned a deaf ear. And this despite the last words of their victim: “I can’t breathe”.

The video shared on Facebook Live has therefore gone around the world. It showed that despite the years that pass by, racism is still present.

Since then, several protesters have been crying out for injustice on the streets of the world. Many celebrities have also joined their fight.

This is the case of Sophia Bush or even of Millie Bobby Brown. Besides, the latter continues to express her anger on social networks.


Recently, she paid tribute to Breonna Taylor, an African-American who was also killed by the police! Too much ! This is too much for Millie Bobby Brown who can no longer bear to see so much injustice.

On Friday June 5, she shared an important post on her Instagram account. It is then an organization that helps others learn about racial equality.

Millie Bobby Brown therefore supports The Conscious Kid. She even shared the following message: “@theconsciouskid is a business that belongs to people of color. ”

“They then provide all the resources necessary to help adults teach their children about racial equality. This is a truthful and powerful Instagram page that everyone should follow. But also integrate into his daily life. Educate, educate, educate !!! “

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