Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) poses with her new darling!


Surprise! Millie Bobby Brown is no longer a heart to take. On Snapchat, the young woman also posed with her new darling!

Exit Jacobs Startorius! Millie Bobby Brown found comfort in the arms of another man. The pretty brunette has also formalized her relationship with her new darling on Snapchat.

Everything smiles at the beautiful Millie Bobby Brown! Lately, the actress of “Stranger Things” got a new role! She will play in the next installment of “Sherlock Holmes” by Enola Holmes. But that’s not all ! She will also respond to Henry Cavill who will play the role of the detective. The class! According to TMZ, the pretty brunette should also hit the jackpot! Indeed, it should have a fee of $ 6.1 million.

Millie Bobby Brown could also have a small bonus if the film is a great success! The amount ? 800,000 dollars, just that! In the meantime, the star is on a little cloud! The reason ? The young woman has found love again! She has also formalized her new relationship on social networks. But the Daily Mail had thrown the scoop upstream!

Eh yes ! Millie Bobby Brown is a woman in love and she wants to let it be known! On Snapchat, her fans were able to discover an adorable snapshot of her and her darling. On the selfie in question, the lovebirds are also very complicit. The lucky man is also named Joseph Robinson. He was the one who published the photo of their duo. This 17 year old young man is the son of Jason Robinson, a real star in the world of rugby.

Very in love with his sweetheart, Joseph Robinson also put an ultra cute legend: “Ly x” (Translation: Love You: I love you editor’s note). Millie Bobby Brown and her lover showed up for the first time together during their Maldives vacation. It was actually before the Christmas holidays. In the past, the young woman has also had a love affair with Jacobs Startorius. But the ex-lovers preferred to break up on July 31st… that is to say a few months after their meeting.


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